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I don’t even know where to begin with all the positive things I have to say about Four Seasons Childcare. I am so grateful to Four Seasons for everything they have done for my child. My child started at Four Seasons at the age of 13 months. At that time, my child was failing to meet many developmental milestones. My child was not yet crawling, did not have any words and still drank from a bottle and ate puree food. As such, you can imagine my anxiety as a parent having to leave my child in daycare every day as I returned to work. Four Seasons Childcare made this transition so much easier for me. They welcomed my child with open arms and were so loving and caring. They accommodated everything my child needed to be happy there, from rocking my child to sleep (sometimes for 20 minutes or more), pureeing food, and always making sure my child could reach the toys to play with. In addition, they bent over backwards to help my to be successful. They implemented individualized goals with my child whenever there was a free moment. It is the result of this love and devotion that my child flourished and continues to flourish at daycare. The staff at Four Seasons Childcare have become like a second family to my child. They have celebrated every little success with us since the day we started there. I can say without hesitation that my child would not be where we are today without Four Seasons Childcare. I would recommend Four Seasons to any family. It is, in my mind, the best daycare around.

-Annonymous (but extremely grateful) parent

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