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Four Season’s Daycare IS THE BEST!

There are so many great things to say about Four Season’s Daycare. It really is the “Four Season’s” in terms of daycares!!! I have had both my children at this daycare (over the last 5 years) and I have never once had a complaint. The teachers, facility and classrooms are fantastic.

The Staff
They are so bright and cheery and provide the right amount of discipline to the children in a way that makes the children want to listen, out of their respect for their teachers. Their spirit is amazing and their attention to the children is exceptional. I have had the pleasure of knowing Romi, Latoya and Katherine, and their smiling faces, happy personality, and complete love for the kids is so obvious, and I am grateful to know my kids are in great hands.

The Classroom
The structure in the classroom is wonderful. The teachers are continuously reading, teaching different languages, helping with writing and doing creative crafts with the kids. They also provide exercise days, where yoga and sportball are incorporated. The structure is consistent, yet free, and the class never seems to run wild. The kids are so happy!

The kids play outdoors every day for about an hour. When the weather is raining or too cold they come up with great activities indoor for them, such as theme days, movie day, or field trips. On an instance where the weather was bad over a long period of time, they arranged trips to Sportball, the dentist office etc so the kids did not get bored.

In addition to the numerous theme weeks (ie: space, dinosaurs), the kids are constantly practicing writing, reading, numbers, colours and motor skills regularly so they are totally engaged and prepared for kindergarten once they leave. The quiet time book center is a great idea! It teaches them to also take some time to be alone and do something on their own.

AMAZING MEALS! I’m jealous, my lunches are not nearly as delicious! All organic, homemade and healthy. This was one of the most important things to me when choosing a daycare. I was tired of finding daycares that offered French fries and pancakes….blah! The meals here are not processed, no food colouring or preservatives and are fresh. Smell great too!

Overall, this daycare has been my favourite out of all the others I tried and researched. I absolutely LOVE the teacher and the organic food option. This being my daughters last year there makes our whole family sad!!! We will definitely miss it! I highly recommend this daycare, your kids will love it!

Jenn Silver

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