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The physical Environment plays a great role in a Quality Childcare Facility. When we were looking at what Quality Facility really meant it wasn’t that difficult to find. Nature! A Natural Environment with plenty of Natural Sunlight flooding the classrooms, all Natural Wooden Furnishings, Calm and Soothing wall colours, Wooden Toys and Learning Materials are to name a few of what our facility has to offer.

Our Classrooms are natural but meet all of the conveniences of today’s world. We are extremely cautious of the building materials and Equipment used throughout the building process, we believe we must and owe our children a healthy Planet.

Our washrooms are child sized in each classroom. The washrooms have TOUCHLESS faucets. This is a great way to help prevent the spread of germs and to have the water temperature controlled.

Each Classroom and Playground Space has Web-Cams to view your child on-line throughout the day. This is a must at a Quality centre, families should feel reassured their children are well taken care of throughout the day.

Our Playgrounds are Safe, Fun and Exciting

• Fun Bike Path all around the perimeter space
• Large Sand Box
• Highest Quality Surfacing for extra Safety
• High Quality Playground Structures
• Two playgrounds, separated by age groups
• Natural Shaded areas with Trees, Bushes / Garden Section

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